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Bitcoin + Buybacks 

The Treasury and Liquidity Pool have been converted into BTC.

This means:

1) The price of $BOOST benefits directly from the rise in price of BTC.
2) The price of $BOOST is simultaneously protected from the downsides through treasury buybacks. 

Take two minutes to understand deeper...
Let's dive in. 

Any time the price of BTC goes up, the liquidity pool pairing drags the price of $BOOST with it.


That same increase in BTC price also increases the value of the treasury which is held in BTC.

Any time the price of $BOOST goes down, we use the BTC in the treasury to do buybacks.
This means, as long as there is a treasury, we will buy back tokens and boost the price back to where it was.

If the treasury funds ever get to zero, we will remove a portion of the BTC in the liquidity pool, put it into the Treasury and use those for buybacks.

You see the cycle? 

When we do buybacks, we are not losing BTC, we are transferring it to the liquidity pool...
Which we own. 

We can take this same BTC we used for buybacks once, and use it for buybacks again. 

The cycle repeats. 

Since launching, the value in the treasury AND the value in the liquidity pool have increased significantly.


You can see the updated values, as well as what price we would land at

if all treasury (not including liquidity) funds were deployed.

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